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The Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance is an interdisciplinary research project centering on the classical tradition, a focus of Renaissance studies. The core of the project is the database registering antique monuments known in the Renaissance together with the related Renaissance documents in form of texts and images.
The collection of data has been extended by the antique monuments known to Johann Joachim Winckelmann and his contemporaries (Corpus Winckelmann) as well as the reception and adaption of antique art of the Middle Ages (Corpus Medii Aevi) in cooperation with research projects dedicated to the ‘Nachleben’ of Antiquity. The project regularly issues publications.

Latest news

Cyriacus Vol. 8 out now
Anna Seidel: Der Codex Montalto. Präsentation und Rezeption der Antikensammlung Peretti Montalto
Cyriacus Vol. 7 out now
Jacqueline Lalande Biscontin: Feuilles de mémoire. Un carnet de dessins florentins du musée du Louvre. De l'Académie du dessin à Filippo Baldinucci
New: Re-design for the start page of the database
With an update on August 26, 2015 the start page of the Census database gets a new design and improved functionalities
Pegasus issue 16.2014 available!
Includes contributions by Michael Waters, Franz Engel, Paul Davies, Andreas Huth, Andreas Raub, Paola Zampa, Timo Strauch, David Hemsoll, Lilla Mátyók, Francesca Mattei and Horst Bredekamp
Coin Exhibition at the Pushkin!
The Pushkin Museum in Moscow shows "Translatio Nummorum. Coins language. Roman Emperors. Roman antiques in the Renaissance period" from 12/12/14 to 08/02/15.
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