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General Advice

General Advice for searching

The search is limited within one of the Entities selected on the starting page.

E.g., therefore one can find the Codex Barberini by using only the Document Simple search or else using the Document Advanced search within the Entity Post-Antique Documents; on the other hand, Milano can only be found using the Location Search within the area Location etc.

Simple search in all Entities using the name search box

In the name search box only the Name or the Alias of the respective entries can be used for the search. One can type in the whole name [Pantheon] or truncate the name with an appended asterisk [Panth*] for the search.

Only one keyword can be used for titles and names comprising several words. You may select any of these words as the keyword. E.g., one can find the Codex Barberini also using the term [Barberini].

One can also search using exact phrases by nesting the phrase in inverted commas [“Apollo and Muses”].

Search using the Boolean operators

Within the name search box search terms can be connected using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (Boolean operators must be written in capital letters!):

The search for [Apollo NOT Muses] finds all entries containing "Apollo" but not "Muses" in the name.

The Boolean operators can also be combined [Apollo NOT Muses OR Diana]. In this case all “Apollo” entries that do not include “Muses” and also all “Diana” entries will be listed.

If two search terms are used in the name search box, such as [Apollo Diana], they will be treated basically as being connected using the Boolean operator AND: In the given example all entries will be searched for that contain both “Apollo” as well as “Diana” within the name.

When using more than one search term, commas should not be used to separate them. The search terms can be connected using Boolean operators or an empty space.

Search using an asterisk [*]

In the text box one can search using an asterisk [*]: If one types in an asterisk [*] into one of the search boxes then all the records which contain an entry in this category will be listed.

N.B.: When using the Boolean operator NOT, a question mark [?] must be used instead of an asterisk [*] !



Before each new search one must activate the Reset box as earlier search criteria could influence the new search results. Reset deletes the respective search.

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