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All information on dates has been registered within the Entity Date. It applies to the dates of execution of Antique monuments and Renaissance documents, to the biographical dates in the case of persons and the dates of stylistic periods.

At the beginning of a search the total records appear under the three navigational boxes when accessing the date list (Date).

In the name search box the date entries can be searched for by Name (yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd etc.).

A search using the keyword [1400] leads to many hits.

By clicking on the entry directly the record is opened in the Date Viewer.

The title page of a date entry gives the CensusID, the Name, information on beginning and end of the date, and, if required, details on the Type.

The links pertaining to this date are listed underneath (Free Navigation). The links list is followed by information on the person responsible for editing and revising the entry (ChangeLog). By clicking on back you will return to the search.


Advanced Search

With the date entries of the List of attributes in the search form on the right you can search for the type (Date type).

It is possible to search for certain periods of time: The beginning and end dates can be typed into the boxes Date range, e.g., Date range from [1300-01-01] to [1399-12-31]. The date must conform to the order yyyy-mm-dd. Within a search of a period of time all the records will be listed which existed in this space of time, that is, in the above example, from 1300-01-01 to 1399-12-31. In this way you will find more hits in contrast to browsing, e.g., by alternatively typing the [14th] in the name search box only a few hits will be found, that is, those in which the "14th" actually appears in the name.

N.B.: Searching for periods of time is the recommended method.

In the search for a period of time you may activate the overlap box. By doing so, you will not only determine the date entries existing within the desired period of time but also those overlapping it.

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