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Archetype, Copy and Parallel Copy


The browse entries boxes Archetype, Copy and Parallel copy enable one to search for links between Renaissance documents.
Renaissance documents can be related to one another in the following ways: as an Archetype and a Copy, or as Parallel copies going back to one and the same Archetype.


For example, copies of the Codex Coburghensis can be searched by clicking Archetype: browse entries. The secondary Document Search is started where the Codex Coburgensis can be singeld out. To include the risult in the Document Search click on this entry directly.


By confirming the search all copies of the Codex Coburgensis are listed.


Archetype: browse entries
Enter an archetype in the browse entries box: Search for the copy of this archetype.

Copy: browse entries
Enter a copy in the browse entries box: Search for the archetype of this copy.

Parallel copy: browse entries
Enter a document in the browse entries box: Search for the parallel copy of this document.

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