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Lists of Attributes

Search for documents using the lists of attributes


The right column of the navigational boxes contains four lists of attributes as drop-down menus which can be used to search for monuments according to specific characteristics.

Medium (visual): kind of document image
Method of representation: formal representational structure of document
Medium (written): kind of document text
Type of documentary material: form/type of a document


For example, on searching the database for all the registered drawing books, leave the document name search box empty and select the term book of drawings in the attribute list type of documentary material.


The search can also be restricted to several simultaneously linked attributes: By selecting Medium (visual): drawing and Method of representation: perspectival, the list of results comprises all drawings perspectivally constructed.


By using the Boolean operator boxes accompanying the list of attributes, the search can be constructed by linking – using and – or negating – using not; or searches for data records in which at least one of the terms is contained.

When entering AND Medium (visual): drawing, NOT Method of representation: perspectival, the result will be a list of all drawings that are not perspectivally constructed.

N.B.: The Boolean operator box is automatically set on and.


When browsing within an attribute list the search can be narrowed down in the following way: Browsing for Medium (written): manuscript exacts a result list of all manuscripts in the database. If one wishes to additionally limit the search within the results using a further attribute within the attribute list Medium (visual), then activate the check box within search and select a new attribute from the list, e.g. chronicle: The result comprises all hand-written chronicles.

N.B.: The search results can only be narrowed down once.

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