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Browse Entries

The browse entries boxes

Apart from the lists of attributes the Monument Advanced search provides also the browse entries boxes.
The browse entries boxes allow the search to be narrowed down, that is, one can search for monuments via their links to other entities.

Using the browse entries boxes, Antique monuments can be found via the Renaissance Documents, via the Location, via the location in the Renaissance (Former Location), via the stylistic period (Style), via the bibliographic references (Bibliography), via the time of execution (Date of creation), via the Renaissance date or Renaissance attribution (Ren. attribution).

By clicking on one of the browse entries boxes a secondary search is started with Viewer-Checkboxes.

For example, in this way one can search for monuments which appear in a specified codex:
In the Monument Advanced search a secondary search can be started by clicking on Document: browse entries and thereby opening the new window for the secondary Document Search (Document Search).
In the secondary search the name [Codex Barberini] is typed into the name search box and the result is given underneath the navigational box area.
To include the result “Codex Barberini” in the Monument Advanced search click on this entry directly.
The secondary Document Search closes automatically.

In the Monument Advanced search “Codex Barberini” appears in the Document: browse entries box.
On confirming the monument search by clicking on Search, all Antique Monuments are listed that are represented in the Codex Barberini.

Null Negative search
The negative search, for example, provides the option of searching for all Antique monuments which are NOT linked with documents. If you click on Null in the Document: browse entries box then Without Input appears. By confirming the search all monuments will be found that have no links to documents.

Kreuz Cancelling the search

Haken Including all Children of the respective links
By taking the children of a respective link into account Haken one can, for example, in searching for all monuments appearing in the Codex Barberini, also include all the child entries of the Codex Barberini within the search, that is, all the folios and Quadrants.
As generally no monuments are linked to the Father entry of documents, a search without the inclusion of child entries of the Codex Barberini would lead to 0 hits.

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