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Keyword Boxes

Apart from the lists of attributes and the browse Entries boxes, in the Monument Advanced search there are also keyword boxes in which search terms can be typed.
In this way Antique monuments can be found by specifying the present location (Subdivision), via the inventory number (Inventory No.), via commentaries (Comment) or via replicas which were known at a later date (Later known replica(s)).

In the Descriptive Details keyword box one can, for example, search for single elements mentioned in the brief description of a monument. This search is important in the case of reliefs and sarcophagi reliefs. These may contain mythological scenes or figures mentioned in the Descriptive Details but not mentioned in the title of the relief. For an optimum number of hits, Descriptive Details should be incorporated in the search.

On searching for [Apollo] using the name search box the result is, for example, 96 hits. This result list comprises all items containing “Apollo” within the Name. To also include Apollo representations in which “Apollo” does not appear in the Name then, in addition to entering the search term [Apollo] in the name search box, [Apollo] should also be entered in the Descriptive Details keyword box. By setting the Boolean operators on or, the entries are found containing “Apollo” in the Name as well as the entries for which the term “Apollo” appears in the Descriptive Details.

In the box Later Known Replica(s) the asterisk search is possible. If one searches, for example, for all statues of Apollo having a Later known replica then the term [Apollo] is entered in the main box and an asterisk [*] is entered into the Later known replica(s) keyword box.

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