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Monument Simple search - Searching for Antique monuments

By clicking the term Antique Monuments on the starting page you initiate the Monument Simple search. You can browse for monuments using the keyword box. The Monument Simple search provides the click options Monuments Only, include children, and Child as a keyword box. In the Monument Simple search Father and Children entries are always taken into account. At the beginning of the search the total records of Antique monuments appear underneath the three navigational boxes.

The monuments with dependent Children are specified with a [+]. By clicking on this sign the next respective underlying level will be opened, which, in turn, can contain further Children entries.

For example, on typing the name [Pantheon] in the name search box, 8 hits are listed, if the options Monuments Only and include children are not activated: There main monuments and Children entries are listed if the term “Pantheon” is explicitly mentioned within the Name or Alias.

By activating the option Top Level Only, only the main monuments with the status of “monument” are considered: In this case one has 5 hits.

By selecting the option include children all Children entries of the main monuments are considered, regardless if they bear the name “Pantheon” or not.

The keyword box Child offers the possibility of browsing for specified Children. The search is relevant especially for Children entries of unidentified monuments.
For example, on browsing for all acanthus friezes which can no longer be ascribed to specified main monuments, then [unidentified] must be typed in the name search box and additionally the option include children must be activated.

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