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Underneath the title page the Monument Viewer contains several tabs with information on the Antique monument.

N.B.: Tabs without entries are not shown.

Tab: Description
Information on the Class, Type and Material of the monument as well as a description of the architectural monument in keywords (Descriptive details).

Tab: History
Information on the Date of execution, on the Style or the accompanying epoch, on the Artist(s)/Creator(s), on the state of preservation of the monument in the Renaissance (Condition when first known) and the history of preservation of the architectural monument (Preservation events).

Tab: Provenance
Information on the Renaissance provenance (Provenance events), on Renaissance dating(s) as well as on Renaissance attribution(s).

Tab: Relationships
Renaissance documents recording the Antique monument. The Documents are listed chronologically according to their dating.

N.B.: The Renaissance documentation of an Antique monument is not necessarily exhausted at this point: One may find further Renaissance documents on the Child levels of the monument entry under Relationships, if drawings or descriptions are relevant for only a part of the monument.

Tab: References
Secondary literature and, if applicable, links to external web-content on the respective monuments.

Tab: Comment
If available, a free commentary of the person responsible for the entry.

Tab: Log
Information on the editing and revising of the entry.

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