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Class: architecture (Class: sculpture)

An architectural monument is comprised of several architectural parts. These are represented within the Census database in a hierarchical tree structure. The Father entries are designated as independent monuments (Monument), the Children entries as dependent elements (Part of monument). Father entries do not necessarily occupy the uppermost position in the hierarchy. Also independent architectural monuments can be subsumed under other monuments. An example is the “Temple of Antonius and Faustina”: it is an independent monument with dependent Children entries and, at the same time, subsumed under the Forum Romanum (Screenshot 1).

The search term [Temple of Antonius and Faustina] is typed into the name search box and confirmed by clicking on Search. The total records no longer appear listed underneath the navigational boxes, but only those relevant for the keyword used for the search.

N.B. A great number of hits can result from this unspecified search
(Search with several results).

By clicking on the desired monument a new frame is opened with the Monument Viewer (close with [X] on the left-hand side). The tree structure remains visible on the right-hand side.

In the upper section the Monument Viewer contains the title page of the respective records. Every title page of a monument gives the CensusID, the Name and the Alias, the Status (Monument or Part of monument), the present Location, if applicable, the Inventory Nr. and Subdivision.

N. B.: The Alias name can be linked with the corresponding Inscription od a Renaissance Document, in order that one can see which Renaissance source provides evidence for the specific Alias name.

If there is an image of the monument it appears on the left of the title page in the Small Image Viewer. Using the small arrows underneath you can page through the stock of images.

To initiate the Large Image Viewer click on an image.

To initiante the Image Comparer click the Compare-Button.

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