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Image Comparer

Images of monuments and/or documents can be directly compared with the Image Comparer. The access to this tool is possible either from the monument search and from the document search or from the Image Search (cfr. Presentation) for registered users.


From the document or monument search the Image Comparer can only be started, if the data set contains images.

In this case the compare button appears below the image; by pressing it the Image Comparer is opened in a new pop-up.


When the Image Comparer is opened, the keys  links (left) and rechts (right) appear below the image. The allow to position the images on the favoured side of the Comparer.

If the data set contains more than one image, they can be browsed with the arrow keys.

N. B.: The Image Comparer contains the same functions like the large image viewer.

If there are several search results, the images of different monument entries or document entries can be compared.


If for example the image of a monument is to be compared with a corresponding document, a document can be chosen from the relationships.

When it appears in the Document Viewer the images can be downloaded with L (left) or R (right) on the favoured side in the Comparer.

Registered database users can activate the Image Comparer also from the Image Search.


The access to the Image Search is to be found – after having logged in – on the front page under Presentation. In the Image Search images can be searched via names (Name search field) or via their links to monuments or documents.

By pressing the comparer button at the top the Image Comparer opens in a new pop-up.

N.B.: The search on the basis of links is recommended, since the names of the images use to be code numbers.


When the Image Comparer is opened, the keys links and rechts appear in the right upper sorner of every image. With this the images can be positioned on the favoured side in the Image Comparer.

With the Comparer only two images can be viewed at the same time. If a further picture is to be compared, it can be downloaded into the Comparer with the buttons “L” or “R”. The old image is then replaced by the new one.

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