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Advanced search taking passed-on information into account


In the databasebase hierarchy the information on the Location, Cited Edition (Publication, only in the case of documents), artists (Artist/Author) and Date is passed on, i.e. the information in these areas is passed on automatically from the father entry to the children. The passed-on information is marked gray.

How one takes passed-on information into account within an advanced search is displayed in the following example: The searching for a drawing by Amico Aspertini of the Apollo Belvedere statue.

The normal search process would be as follows:



One opens Document Advanced search and searches there via the browse Entries box Artist/Author for “Amico Aspertini” and in the browse Entries box Monuments for “Apollo Belvedere”.

In this case no hits would appear in the result list as the author’s name “Amico Aspertini” is noted in the father entry, i.e. in the “Aspertini Sketchbook I”. This is not the case on the child level, which means that the folios were only passed on. Due to the fact they were passed on they are not taken into account in the search outlined above – only those documents are listed in which the author’s name searched for is in fact actively registered on the document and was not “only” passed on.

If one wishes to include passed-on information contained in documents within a search then the search must entail several steps:


1.  One searches within the Document Advanced search via the browse Entries box Artist/Author for "Amico Aspertini" and, in the first step, collects all the documents of this artist.


2.  Then, in the same search form of the Document Advanced search, one types “Apollo Belvedere” in the browse Entries box Monuments.


3.  Additionally in the upper navigational box the options within search and include children must be activated, so that the search takes place within the existing list of results (that is within all the documents of Amico Aspertini) and takes the child entries into account.


4.  Important: One must delete – still in the same search form Document Advanced search – in the browse Entries box Artist/ Author the entry “Amico Aspertini” by clicking on Kreuz_12, as otherwise only the documents will be searched for in which “Amico Aspertini” is actually entered as an artist, but not, as wished, with the children containing the passed-on artist’s name.



5.  One verifies the search and obtains the desired drawing via Search.

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