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New: Image Comparer
New: Link to entries in the Census database
New: Jump to page – Activates a certain page in the list of results
New: Monument Viewer - related documents listed chronologically
New: Alias name links to the document inscription
New: New functions of the Census database – Help information will be updated.
New: Cooperation between Winckelmann-Gesellschaft and Census
New: Pegasus digital issue
Pegasus 11.2009
Lectures series in the summer term 2010 introducing the research projects of the Institute of Art and Visual History, Humboldt University Berlin
NEW: GeoCensus and Map View
Pegasus 12.2010
New: Corpus Medii Aevi in the Census database
The Reception of Classical Antiquity and Transformations of Antiquity in Medieval Sculpture
Release: EasyDB 4
Early in February 2011, the Census database EasyDB was upgraded to version 4. In addition to the changes concerning the back-end some innovations on the user interface have been introduced and made visible.
New: Revision of the user interface
As part of an update of early December 2011, several changes of the user interface of the Census database have been carried out.
Pegasus issue 13.2011 available!
Includes contributions by Georg Daltrop, Adolfo Tura, Brigitte Kuhn-Forte, Ulrike Peter and Birte Rubach, Neela Struck and Jerzy Miziolek
New: Additional query options and improved navigation
With the update of July 5, 2012, a range of improvements regarding the retrieval system and the usability of the Census database were made.
New: Convenient citing of Census records and thumbnail preview of linked monuments and documents
With the design update of August 3, 2012, two major improvements in the user interface were included in the Cenus database
Pegasus issue 14.2012 available!
Includes contributions by Pier Nicola Pagliara, Fritz-Eugen Keller, Peter Seiler, Hubert Kowalski, and Veit Vaelske
New: Map Tab, Zoom to Rome button and feedback functionality
With the design update of February 19, 2013, new functionalities and improvements of the user interface of the Census database have been released
Now available: Papers of the Conference "Translatio Nummorum - Römische Kaiser in der Renaissance"
Akten des internationalen Symposiums Berlin 16.–18. November 2011
New: Result lists as PDF, tooltips in search views
With the design update of October 11, 2013, new functionalities and improvements of the user interface of the Census database have been released
Pegasus issue 15.2013 available!
Includes contributions by Michail Chatzidakis, Klaus Fittschen, Vladimir Juřen, Sylva van der Heyden, Arne Reinhardt, and Georg Schifko
Now available: "Der Zeichner und sein Buch" by Arnold Nesselrath
Die Darstellung der antiken Architektur im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert
New: Improved result lists and image previews
With the design update of June 03, 2014, improvements of the user interface of the Census database have been released
NEW: "Text on Document" (form. Inscriptions) integrated in Document Search and Viewer
The update of August 13, 2014 now permits searching for document transcriptions in the Document Search mask
Exhibition opening "... zur göttlichen Frühstückspause"
'Eine Motivwanderung von der Antike bis heute'. Opening on October 23, 2014, 7 p.m., in the atrium of Pergamonpalais, Georgenstraße 47, 10117 Berlin
Coin Exhibition at the Pushkin!
The Pushkin Museum in Moscow shows "Translatio Nummorum. Coins language. Roman Emperors. Roman antiques in the Renaissance period" from 12/12/14 to 08/02/15.
Pegasus issue 16.2014 available!
Includes contributions by Michael Waters, Franz Engel, Paul Davies, Andreas Huth, Andreas Raub, Paola Zampa, Timo Strauch, David Hemsoll, Lilla Mátyók, Francesca Mattei and Horst Bredekamp
Cyriacus Vol. 7 out now
Jacqueline Lalande Biscontin: Feuilles de mémoire. Un carnet de dessins florentins du musée du Louvre. De l'Académie du dessin à Filippo Baldinucci
Cyriacus Vol. 8 out now
Anna Seidel: Der Codex Montalto. Präsentation und Rezeption der Antikensammlung Peretti Montalto
New structure of the website
From December 19, 2016 the Census homepage has a new structure including new sub-pages on current research focuses and cooperations
Cyriacus Vol. 9 out now
Michail Chatzidakis: Ciriaco d'Ancona und die Wiederentdeckung Griechenlands im 15. Jahrhundert
Cooperation with the Epigraphic Database Roma
Linking Census and EDR inscription records
Pegasus issue 17.2015 available
Includes contributions by Paolo Sanvito, Stefano Pierguidi, Henning Wrede, Lothar Sickel, Sascha Kansteiner and Constanze Graml
Francesca Mattei new Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Census
The drawings by the Anonymus Mantuanus A and Renaissance architecture north of the Alps
Server Maintenance
On 18 and 19 October, 2017, maintenance of the server of the Census database might result in temporary downtime
Server Maintenance
On 9 February, 2018, maintenance of the server of the Census database might result in temporary downtime
New Research Focus 2018
Marble on Paper. Early-18th-Century Italian Collections of Antiquities in the Light of Richard Topham’s Drawings Collection at Eton College
Cultural Heritage as Linked Open Data - Pilot Project for the Census
A new project of the TELOTA initiative at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in cooperation with the Census team aims at the technological development of the Census database
Pegasus issue 18/19.2018 available
With contributions by Stefania Tuccinardi, Alessandro Spila, Francesco Benelli, Beatrice Palma Venetucci, Yannis Hadjinicolaou, Bernhard Buschendorf, Franz Engel, Wolfgang Filser and Arnold Nesselrath
Server Maintenance
On 24 January, 2019, maintenance of the server of the Census database is causing temporary downtime
Focus 2019: Completion of "Marble on Paper"
The project on the documentation of early-18th-century Italian collections of antiquities in the drawings of the Topham Collection at Eton College continues
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