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New: Additional query options and improved navigation

With the update of July 5, 2012, a range of improvements regarding the retrieval system and the usability of the Census database were made.




Autocomplete in free text fields

Since the latest update of EasyDB released by Programmfabrik (version 4.0.241), the entry of search keywords in the free text fields has been facilitated by the indication of proposals from the index of the respective field. This feature is available in all main search fields as well as all other free text fields.






Vererbung Monument

Vererbung Dokument

Distinction of inherited information in complex search queries

In the two hierarchichally structured categories monument and document, certain information which apply to the entire monument or document are entered only on the top level, and from there are inherited by all subordinate (child-) entries. These inherited information are highlighted in the monument and document views by a dark grey background. Previously, in complex searches with several criteria, inherited information were not incorporated, which is why certain queries provided incomplete results.

This applies to the following fields:

Monument: Location, Date of Creation, Style, Artist(s)/Creator(s), Renaissance Dating(s), Renaissance Attribution(s)

Document: Location, Publication, Artist(s)/Author(s), Date

With this update, a function was added in EasyDB which facilitates the inclusion of inherited information in advanced searches. This feature is visualised by means of an additional checkbox in the respective fields. The checkbox is selected via default setting, which means that the search keywords are checked by default, whether they were inherited.

In this way, queries with several search criteria – mainly concerning architectural elements – now lead to complete search results. For example:

  • Find all documents by Raphael showing the Pantheon or parts of it.
  • Find all Composite capitals known before 1520.
  • Find all ground plans of the Colosseum dated before 1500.



Map komposite Kapitelle

Incorporation of inherited information in the map views

With the update, it is possible to show correctly in the map views the search results including children entries of monuments or documents, which have inherited the information on their current location by their father entry.








Monument und Document Viewer

Opening of links of monuments and documents in separate pop-up windows

Previously, the display of Monument and Document View was only possible in the left frame of the main window of the database, which means that every entry activated replaced the one from which the link came. Thus, viewing several documents of one single monument was considerably impeded. From now on, every monument or document record which has not been activated from a search result appears in a separate pop-up window. In this way, the starting point of any navigation is always preserved, in order to be able to click on further links. The comparative view of various entries has now become possible for the first time.


Image Comparer

Redesign of the operation of the Image Comparer

The new feature of the Monument and Document Views in separate pop-up windows required a revision of the operation of the Image Comparer. From now on, the Compare button and the L/R buttons are always visible as one set below every preview image. In order to open the Image Comparer, as before, the Compare button has to be clicked. Once the Image Comparer window is open, the image can be loaded to the respective side of the Comparer by clicking either L or R. This can be repeated as often as necessary with any other preview image, as long as the Comparer window remains open.

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New: Additional query options and improved navigation