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NEW: GeoCensus and Map View

It was already in 2006 that the visualisation of location entries of the Census database on Google Maps has been realised by the TELOTA initiative of the BBAW within the “Project of the month” as a pilot scheme. In January 2011, the complete integration of a map-based access to the database (“GeoCensus”) has been effected in the course of the update of the software of the database. Simultaneously, the option to have particular search results displayed on Google Maps (“Map View”) is introduced. The programming of this new component was made possible thanks to financial support by the cluster of excellence “Topoi”.

Archaeologists or art historians researching on the classical tradition are now provided with new perspectives particularly regarding the fate of “mobile” antique monuments in the Renaissance period and beyond. Thus, sculptures, today scattered all over the world in museums and collections, can be easily traced back to their places of finding. Academic research on collections of antiques may gain new impulses by the graphic visualisation of the numerous disparate and frequently random information on the whereabouts of monuments in different families, houses or countries.

The map-based overview of the geographic distribution of post-antique documents as well the places of birth and death of persons listed in the database can also inspire the user to raise new questions.

The “GeoCensus” offers a completely new way to scientists and amateurs to enter into the comprehensive material stored in the database. Without being forced to follow a specific, predefined query, one can have monuments, documents and persons displayed on a Google map and thus find an intuitional approach to the individual records.

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NEW: GeoCensus and Map View