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New: Revision of the user interface

As part of an update of early December 2011, several changes of the user interface of the Census database have been carried out.


Advanced Search

Monument%20Advanced%20Search%20NEW Document%20Advanced%20Search%20NEW

The most important improvement is the restructuring of the "Advanced Search" screens of the monument and document searches. In both, the arrangement of the search fields is now guided by the data structure of the individual monument or document record.


Simultaneously, in the two search masks, new search fields have been integrated which for the first time enable a complex query incorporating all available data. This chiefly applies to the data groups of the "Preservation History" and the "Provenance History" as well as the "Later Known Replicas".


With this, e. g. all monuments about whose provenance the drawings of the Codex Escurialensis provide information can be identified in the monument search. In the document search for example, all documents reporting on restorations carried out before 1500 can be detected.






Large Thumbnails

Large%20Thumbnails%20NEWAmong the display options for search results ("View Options") the user now can choose between two different thumbnail sizes: "Small Thumbnails" (previously "Mini") or "Large Thumbnails".










Full%20Text-Button%20NEWOn the tab "Transcription" of the document view, an extended excerpt of the transcription is displayed. If a document record is linked with a full text edition (this affects particularly the literature analysed by the project "translatio nummorum"), the link to the full text now is also to be found directly on the tab "Transcription".








Moreover, some fields within the monument and document records were shifted: within the monument records, data on Renaissance datings and attributions are now indicated on the tab "History" (previously in "Provenance"). In the document records, the reference to the edition cited ("Publication") now is to be found in the head of the entry (previously in "Transcription").

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New: Revision of the user interface