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Release: EasyDB 4

Early in February 2011, the Census database EasyDB was upgraded to version 4. In addition to the changes concerning the back-end some innovations on the user interface have been introduced and made visible.


The most important innovation in the EasyDB 4 is the geographical access (GeoCensus) to the database and the new map display of search results (Map View) on Google Maps.

Corpus Medii Aevi

CMA_Source_klFurthermore, the cooperation between the Census project and the Adolph-Goldschmidt-Zentrum, established in May 2010, has now been made visible in the database. Under the label „Corpus Medii Aevi“ medieval documents of antique works are collected in the database, such as the Winckelmann documents of the 17th and 18th centuries, which can be included in a search or excluded by activating or de-activating the checkbox. The affiliation to the project is displayed in the document view in the “Source” field.




Web Recources

CMA_Web_klThe monument and document views have been slightly modified: the former tab “Bibliography” which comprised references and the commentary was eliminated. The new tab is termed “References” and contains the bibliography information, and in “Web Resource(s)”, new fields with links to relevant sources on the internet, have been launched. Particularly for the cooperation projects like the Goldschmidt-Zentrum, this offers the opportunity for a project to refer to its own applications on the internet.




TN_Web_klThe tab “Later Known Replica(s)” can link to internet pages in the same way. This field is mainly used by the sub-project „Translatio nummorum“ in order to digitally access the coins in the Berlin Münzkabinett zwhich are listed in their interactive online catalogue.







Image Comparer

With the new version it is possible to upload the images of the “Later Known Replica(s)” into the “Image Comparer” and to compare them with images from all areas.

  TN_Compare3_kl   TN_Compare2_kl
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Release: EasyDB 4