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Mirabilia Urbis Romae

For the electronic full text edition, three Medieval Mirabilia texts were selected. The two manuscripts and one incunable were written in italiano volgare:

  1. Le miracole de Roma, ital. volgare, MS Florence, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Gaddi 148, saec. XII-XIII (Codex Gaddiano)
  2. Edificazione de molti palazzi e tempi, ital. volgare, incunable, Venice 1480, ca. 1363, GW 9240 (Edificazione)
  3. Delle mirachole di Roma, ital. volgare, MS Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, N.I.15/1925, saec. XV (Codex Riccardiano)

Since these three works are not directly linked to each other, it is not possible to compose a stemma or to identify a predecessor or successor. The text of the Codex Gaddiano from the Biblioteca Laurenziana adheres closely to the Latin original. The MS of the Biblioteca Ricccardiana is distantly related to the Gaddiano, but its independent composition indicates its autonomy of the Gaddiano or rather the relation to another original.

When preparing the electronic full text edition, an exact graphic representation of the handwritten originals and the printed model was realised. The visual structure of the electronic edition provides exact copies of the respective pages in the original. Thus, the pagination, as well as blank lines, the headings and chapter headings of the original positions are being depicted accordingly.

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