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Scope and Content

The database of the Census documents antique art and architecture known in the Renaissance. The project focuses on recording which antique monuments were demonstrably known, registering information about when, where and in what state of preservation. The main data consist of source materials of diverse quality regarding scientific examination made available for further research.

More than 200.000 entries contain monuments, pictorial and written documents, locations, persons, concepts of time and style, events, research literature and illustrations. The monuments registered amount to over 10.000, the entries on monuments including all their parts to over 16.000, and the entries on documents to over 38.000 (as of November 2018).

Among the written sources are inventories of collections, travelogues, archival documents, biographies of artists etc. Information on pictorial sources especially include drawings from sketchbooks and albums as well as single leaf drawings and prints. Only a limited range of paintings, sculptures, medals and works of arts and crafts can be found, as frequently the direct knowledge of their antique models cannot be clearly verified due to creative forms of adaptions and assimilations of antique models.

Data Structure

The schematic representation of the data structure illustrates the relationships between the areas using arrows.

The Census database comprises the two major areas of Antique Monuments and Post-Antique Documents which are mutually and directly cross-referential. The minor areas offer supplementary information. Both major areas are directly connected to the Location index, the Person index, the Date index, the Bibliography index and the Image index, while the index of stylistically distinguishing features of a monument (Style) only relates to the Antique Monuments. Additionally, the minor fields are augmented by being interconnected. One can search and browse in each of the fields. The search starts via the start page of the Census database.

Census Starting Page

The Census starting page reflects the data structure with the two main areas of Antique Monuments and Post-Antique Documents at the centre of the screen. Below are set the five minor areas: Location, Person, Date, Style and Bibliography. The GeoCensus provides a map-based access to the database and the option for displaying search results on Google Maps.

It is possible to initiate a search via any of these areas.

Kontakt / Contact

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