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Warburg Insti­tute Archive, GC, Fritz Saxl an Richard Kraut­heimer, 18.10.1945

18 October, 1945

Dear Kraut­heimer,

Thank you for your note. I wish we could meet around Christmas, but thanks to the present diffi­cul­ties of travel­ling in the States the ACIS has cancelled all meeting, and so it would be at best early next year that I could come.

I am glad that you feel fresher now, but anxious as I was about your health when I first saw you in New York I was already quite reli­eved when I saw you in Poughkeepsie.

What you say about the 15th century coll­ec­tions of anti­ques is very true. Scharf has for years coll­ected the mate­rial, at my sugges­tion; but he has so comple­tely turned into a dealer, of a kind that I dislike, that I won’t have anything to do with him any more. He recon­s­tructed i.a. the earliest 15th century sketch­books from the antique. It is time that some­body, either at New York Univer­sity or with us, tackled the subject.

As regard the Dondi letters, I should like to get some photo­graphs. Could you let me have the press­mark on a post­card, to save me time?

I hope you both are all right.

Kindest regards,

Yours ever,

P.S. I do not envy Hamburg having Stürup there, but I am very pleased that Carl Georg Heise has been made Director of the Hamburg Museum.