Warburg Insti­tute joins Census x Hertziana Fellowship

20. April 2023

We are very pleased to announce that the Warburg Insti­tute has joined the Census x Hertziana Fellow­ships in the recep­tion of anti­quity.  Thanks to a gene­rous contri­bu­tion from the Warburg Insti­tute, the Census fellow­ship can also now also be offered for a longer period.  One fellow per year will be able to conduct rese­arch at the Census in Berlin, the Hertziana in Rome and the Warburg Insti­tute in London for a period of 4–6 months (at the postdoc level), or 6–9 months (at the predoc level).  Please submit appli­ca­tions by 31 May via the Hertziana portal, which is now open!

Census Fellow­ship in the Recep­tion of Antiquity

Humboldt-Univer­sität x Biblio­theca Hertziana x Warburg Institute

Appli­ca­tion dead­line: 31 May, 2023

The Institut für Kunst- und Bild­ge­schichte, Humboldt-Univer­sität zu Berlin, the Biblio­theca Hertziana – Max Planck Insti­tute for Art History, and the Warburg Insti­tute, School of Advanced Study, Univer­sity of London, are pleased to announce a fellow­ship in Berlin, Rome, and London, offered at either the predoc­toral or post­doc­toral level. These fellow­ships grow out of the long­stan­ding colla­bo­ra­tion between the Humboldt, the Hertziana, and the Warburg in the rese­arch project the “Census of Antique Works of Art and Archi­tec­ture Known in the Renais­sance” (https://www.census.de).

The fellow­ships extend the tradi­tional chro­no­lo­gical boun­da­ries of the Census and are intended for rese­arch and intellec­tual exch­ange on topics related to the recep­tion of anti­quity in the visual arts between c. 1350 and c. 1900. In the context of the fellow­ships, the topic of the recep­tion of anti­quity is also broadly conceived without geogra­phical rest­ric­tion. Propo­sals can optio­nally include a digital huma­ni­ties perspec­tive, engage with the data­base of the Census (https://database.census.de), or make use of the rese­arch mate­rials of the Census project available in Berlin, Rome, and London.

The Humboldt, the Hertziana, and the Warburg co-fund a rese­arch grant of 6–9 months for students enrolled in a PhD program, or 4–6 months for candi­dates already in posses­sion of the PhD. Fellows can set their own sche­dule and choose how to divide their time between the three insti­tutes, but they should plan to spend at least one month in resi­dence at each of the three institutions.

The stipend will be set at c. 1,500 EUR per month at the predoc­toral level and c. 2,500 EUR per month at the post­doc­toral level, plus a travel stipend. The fellow­ship does not provide housing.

Candi­dates can apply via the portal available on the Hertziana website (https://recruitment.biblhertz.it). They should upload the requested PDF docu­ments in English, German, or Italian by 31 May, 2023, with details of their proposed dates for the fellow­ship during the academic year 2023/24 (July 2023–July 2024).