New SPARQL Endpoint

5. October 2023

The data of The Census of Antique Works of Art and Archi­tec­ture Known in the Renais­sance has been seman­ti­cally modelled accor­ding to the CIDOC-CRM frame­work and trans­formed into RDF/XML files. These files will soon be depo­sited on the edoc server of the Humboldt-Univer­sität, where they will be published and re-useable accor­ding to the terms of a CC-BY 4.0 license.

The RDF/XML files are now also depo­sited on a server acces­sible here where they can be sear­ched using SPARQL queries. Using this resource, the Census data can be queried in new ways and in combi­na­tion with other data­sets. The Census data available on the SPARQL endpoint is not updated in real time, but the RDF/XML files will be replaced regu­larly (every three months) in order to make new records available.

The files curr­ently acces­sible via the SPARQL endpoint are trans­for­ma­tions of XML files exported from the Census data­base on 4 October, 2023. When the files are replaced with new, updated ones, an announce­ment will be posted in this news feed. 

Below, you can down­load lists of sample SPARQL queries which can be carried out in the Census SPARQL endpoint. Please note that when the model queries include a limit number on the results returned, these limits can be optio­nally changed or removed.

Model SPARQL Queries for Census:

SPARQL queries Antique Monument

SPARQL queries Post­clas­sical Work

SPARQL queries Location

SPARQL queries Image

SPARQL queries Person