New Web Address for the Census Database

5. April 2022

As part of a major tech­nical update which is curr­ently underway, the Census data­base will have a new URL and from April 21, 2022 will be available at

For a minimum of one year, a redi­rect will be set up so that links to Census records from other data­bases and websites will continue to work. On a perma­nent basis, the Census IDs that iden­tify each record in the Census data­base will continue to remain the same; only the domain will change.

In a second step planned to be completed by Autumn, 2022, the data­base will be upgraded with new photo­graphs and a new, more user-friendly inter­face. We will be sending out updates about the new version of the Census data­base at a later time.

For ques­tions about the redi­rec­tion, the URL change and other issues please write to: census [dot] ikb [at] hu-berlin [dot] de.