RSA Dublin, 4.2022

10. April 2022

At the Renais­sance society of America meeting in Dublin, Ireland on 2 April, 2022, Kath­leen Chris­tian and Cammy Brot­hers co-chaired a double-session on the topic of “The Anti­qua­rian Drawing as a Site of Crea­tive Inven­tion.” The event marks one of the initia­tives of the current Census rese­arch project.

There was a lively audi­ence in atten­dance to hear the presen­ta­tions by five excel­lent speakers:

The Anti­qui­ties of Southern Italy in Renais­sance Drawings, Fulvio Lenzo, Univer­sità IUAV di Venezia

The Anti­qui­ties of Verona: Between Inter­pre­ta­tion and Imagi­na­tion, Fran­cesco Marcorin, CISA Andrea Palladio — Vicenza

Anti­qua­rian Drawings and Crea­tive Inven­tion in Bald­ass­arre Peruzzi’s Acti­vity at the Roman Forum, Prof. Giulia Ceriani Sebre­gondi, Univer­sità degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

Anony­mous Drawings and the Anony­mised Drawing: Explo­ring Values and Func­tions in Studies after the Antique, Cathe­rine Whistler, Ashmo­lean Museum of Art and Archaeo­logy and Angel­maria Aceto, Oxford University

Crea­tive Inter­pre­ta­tion in Early Anti­qua­rian Drawings of Greek Archi­tec­ture, Matthew Walker, Queen Mary Univer­sity of London, London